Oracle 12c Backup and Recovery - 100+ Practical scenarios

In this course I will provide you with a detailed information on Oracle backup and recovery methods. All methods will be explained step by step with practical demonstrations and different test cases.

Then I will show you different ways to clone the database, will see how to migrate a database from one platform to another, we will create and manage the recovery catalog, we will see the ways to troubleshoot and tune backup and recovery process.

Then I will show you manual backup and recovery techniques without RMAN with a lot of practical scenarios. Next we will cover almost all Oracle flashback features and at the end, we will see different practical scenarios on how to use Data Pump to export specific data from one database to another using different parameters.

Section 3 - Backing up database using RMAN
Section 4 - Restoring and Recovering database using RMAN
Section 5 - Cloning database with RMAN
Sectin 6 - Transportable databases
Section 7 - Managing recovery catalog
Section 8 - Troubleshooting and monitoring RMAN
Section 9 - User Managed Backup and Recovery scenarios
Section 10 - Performing Flashback Recovery
Section 11 - Using Data Pump Utility